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Most of us carry some kind of insurance. Some insurance (like liability insurance on our vehicles) is mandatory while most other types are not. Deciding which kinds of insurance to carry is an important part of your financial plan to protect yourself and to get ahead financially.

Insurance is basically a tool for you to use. It is a way to manage the risks in life that can affect your financial stability. The types of insurance you use to manage risk may change during the different phases of your life and you may find that you need to re-evaluate your insurance needs every now and again.

Car & Auto Insurance

You are required by law to carry liability insurance on all your vehicles. If you are in an accident or cause damage with your vehicle, this insurance policy will pay out the people who have been injured or who have had their property damaged by you in an accident.

In most places, you are not required to carry insurance that will pay for repair of your own vehicle or property, however. Even the smallest fender bender can mean an astronomical repair bill to fix your car and the price of insurance is often much cheaper than an actual repair. Getting a quote for car insurance that covers both your expenses and liability is one of the easiest and smartest things you could ever do for yourself. You may be very surprised at the low monthly cost for this kind of protection.

When you get free car insurance quotes, be very sure that you compare prices for policies that include both types of coverage. Be careful not to compare quotes for one-sided coverage with quotes for two-sided coverage.

Home Insurance

Home insurance can come in many forms. If you own your home, you should carry liability insurance. This works basically the same as your vehicle liability insurance. It pays out for anyone who is injured or damaged in some way on your property. Just like in the vehicle version of liability insurance, you are not compensated for any kind of damage to you or your own property.

If you carry a mortgage on your home, your mortgage lender may require you to carry more than just liability insurance. They may require you to maintain an insurance policy that will pay out for damages to the property in the case of fire, weather or other circumstances. This policy is generally set up to pay the mortgage holder rather than the owner of the property. This protects your lender from losses of property that are collateral for your loan.

Many people do not carry insurance that covers their own expenses and losses in the case of damage to their homes. This can be a very pricey mistake. It is very financially prudent to get some free quotes on this type of home insurance so that you can analyze your risk and determine whether you can afford to go without it.

No-one plans for disasters like fires or floods, but we see them happening every night on the news. If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of this kind of catastrophe, you may never recover financially if you do not carry insurance to help you replace your home and belongings.


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Health and Disability Insurance

This is another type of insurance that everyone should consider in their financial planning. In America, an accident or illness can mean financial ruin without some kind of insured protection.

Health insurance should be considered as early as possible in your life. Many companies will not cover someone who has already been diagnosed with a major illness, so it is imperative that you get coverage before you become ill. When you get some quotes for health insurance, remember that your yearly insurance payments will be far below what you will spend out of your pocket in a health emergency without insurance.

Disability insurance is designed to help you financially if you become disabled (temporarily or long term) and cannot work. When you get quotes for this type of insurance, be sure that you compare the same type of policies because there are both short term and long term disability insurance options.

Life Insurance

This type of insurance can be a way to manage the risk of debt for your family. Especially when you are carrying a large debt load, you should consider carrying life insurance. If you were to die, your spouse and family would be protected from losing their home, vehicles and other property that is financed.

You can choose life insurance options on your loans that pay the remainder of your loans off automatically upon your death, or you can simply take out a separate life insurance policy that pays your spouse or family upon your death. For this kind of policy, you should get quotes for both types of life insurance and compare them to your own personal situation. Many people find it more economical to maintain a separate life insurance policy that pays their spouse. Their spouse can then pay off the remainder of the debts and keep the balance of the funds. Policies that pay the lender generally only pay the debt with no residual funds going to your spouse.

Insurance can be a very important part of your financial picture. It can protect you and your family from some of the most costly circumstances you will ever face. Insurance is a way to manage the risk of losing your property and everything you have worked so hard to acquire. It should be a serious consideration whenever you assess your finances and your financial future. Getting some free quotes for all types of insurance is a simple exercise that can help you determine the best way to manage your risk and your financial comfort levels.

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